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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

!Super Junior’s Vietnamese fans faint at MTV EXIT Concert

This past weekend the boys of Super Junior were in Vietnam performing their best hits at the MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) concert in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Nearly 50,000 people attended the concert and according to Viet Nam Net, as many as 20 fangirls fainted. Here’s the story according to Viet Nam Net.
Nearly 50,000 people flocked to Hanoi’s My Dinh Stadium on the evening of March 27 to enjoy a concert featuring Korean boyband Super Junior. Though the show started at 7pm, thousands of teens arrived as early as 3pm to find a good spot.
At 6pm, the stadium was covered in the sapphire colors of Super Junior on T-shirts, balloons and banners everywhere. The Korean band performed the last songs of the show to keep fans at the concert until the end.

One hour after the show began with performances of Vietnamese hip-hop group Big Toe, singers Huong Giang, Phuong Vy, Hoang Hai and Anh Khoa, the host had to ask the audience to keep order because 20 people had fainted.
With only four songs – “Sorry Sorry Sorry,” “It’s You,” “Happiness” and “Rokuko,” performed by 8/13 members of Super Junior – Vietnamese fans went crazy. After the band left, many teens bearing Super Junior banners lay down on the ground. Many others cried: “We have been waiting for you for five years! We will remember you a lot!”
Though the departure time of Super Junior had not been disclosed, when the band left the stadium, many teens immediately got into buses for Noi Bai airport to see their idols off.
Super Junior is one of the leading bands in Asia, so most of the audiences at MTV Exit were their fans. Kate Miller-Heidke is a very famous singer in Australia, but she is unknown to Vietnamese audiences. Whenever the name Super Junior was called out, fans went crazy. Over 20 fans were fainted and needed assistance from health workers.
After the show, the road from the stadium was jammed for nearly two hours.
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