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Saturday, April 3, 2010

!How many girlfriends has Rain had in his life?

Of these four girls, I believed I would marry each one. Whenever I fall in love I always think that I will get married.” the pop icon said. “My first love was in high school and I met a model through a blind date right before my debut. After my debut I dated two other girls.
Rain appeared on KBS’s Win Win. “Before my debut I was really excited because I got to work with someone I really respected.” When asked who this person was by MCs Kim Seung Woo and Taeyeon, Rain said, “I can’t tell you now, but I will if I come back.

During the promotions for my second album, I was approached by a lot of female stars. They asked me to go out to have dinner with them. Back then I thought, ‘Why do they want to eat with me?’ but now I realize how brave they were to come up to me.
Rain also revealed details about how he dates. “On one first date I gave a girl a piggy back ride.” and “To avoid unwanted attention I have had a lot of dates in cars, but this can be tiring. I think if you try to hide yourself, people will notice you more. So I think it’s better to just go out in public and hold hands to look normal.
He also offered advice to 2PM’s Wooyoung saying, “If you want to find love, look for it with people who are close to you.

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