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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

!Rain, “I have no regrets leaving Park JinYoung”

Rain talks about his producer-singer seonbae Park JinYoung.
Rain appeared on KBS ‘WinWin’ aired on 13th April when he said, “I want to surpass Park JinYoung as an entertainer.” and added “I already did. When Park JinYoung go overseas, does he have a personal plane? Had he done drama? Had he won many music daesang? I surpassed him. I already did.”
And when asked for the real reason for leaving Park JinYoung, Rain said “I wanted to build my own nest. Luckily I had the support of JinYoungie hyung. Since we have no more interests with each other, we are on very comfortable terms. When we go out for a drink, we even scold our own companies. I have no regrets leaving Park JinYoung.”

Rain added, “I thought of winning this person and worked hard, looking back now I’ve gained competitiveness and the power to protect my own family. I am very thankful for it.”
Meanwhile becoming neighbour to MC Kim SeungWoo, Rain speaks up about being called the ‘real estate tychoon’ “It was really tough when I was young. I remember the christmas in 1999. My mother was very ill and I didn’t even have 100KRW. And I picked up a coin found near what looked like a pawn shop and bought milk to drink. I also experienced having skin illness for wearing the same training costumes for 6 months. Back then, my dream was to be able to buy a good house and eat whatever I want to eat, and be a good elder brother to be able to give allowance to my sibling.”

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