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Sunday, April 4, 2010

!Yoo Hana, The Reason She Does Not Want To Sparkle 100402

-Excerpts from the Interview regarding Choikang Changmin-

[Yoo Hana meets Choikang Changmin in Paradise]
The fans of are waiting eagerly, can you explain your character in the drama for us?
— Yes, I’m waiting for its release too. I play the role of an interior designer from a rich family in . My character was always a child who would listen to what her father said, but when she falls in love for the first time, she goes against her father and begins to work as an interior designer as a sign of defiance. So she begins to live away from home, but her love doesn’t work out with that man and she meets someone who loves her. She can’t forget her past love and wants to start this new love; she’s confused and is caught in the middle of it. I play the role of a woman caught between the man who loves her and the man she loves.
What’s it like working with Choikang Changmin and Joo Sang Wook? Have you gotten close to them?
— With Choikang Changmin, he’s younger than me so he’s so cute. He’s cute and makes me smile when I see him, and it’s great to see him working so hard. I think he’s trying very hard because it’s his first drama. There are a lot of times when he asks me for help because we bump into each other a lot during the drama too.
We’re all so young so we chat a lot. Although we can’t meet off set because we’re all so busy, all of us love to chat while we’re filming.
You filmed in Jeju Island with two handsome actors, so it must have been better than going with your boyfriend.
— I think of both of them as my boyfriends and enjoy my work. Am I being too honest? (laughter) Whether one has a boyfriend or not, it was so fun to film at such a great location with such great people. I think I like acting because in that moment, they become my boyfriend and the man I love. It’s really~ nice. (laughter)
Your last two dramas were enjoyed by people in their 40s~50s but the viewing age for drops to the 10s~20s. The reaction will be different. Don’t you think that working with Choikang Changmin will naturally lead to anti-fans?
— Yes, I’m scared. (laughter) So when the number of cameras filming us increase, we get uncomfortable with each other. When it airs, I guess I’ll get a lot of anti-fans. Till now, all I’ve had were ladies telling me I was so cute and pretty. (laughter) But I think that’s something I knew from the start. I’m not the type to lose sleep over such things, so I think I’ll be okay.
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