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Saturday, February 27, 2010

!70 fans outside JYPE building in protest


This recent Jaebeom controversy seems to be keeping everyone on their toes, Hottest or not!

Within less than 24 hours, 2PM has lost thousands of fans, JYPE has been mobbed with angry Hottests, and 2PM members are even being blamed for Jaebeom’s withdrawal.

It has just been reported that seventy Hottests are protesting in front of the JYPE building. However, rather than raiding the building, these fans have quietly been gathered around the building entrance, watching JYPE’s moves.
One fan stated, “We are not standing here to ask JYP for his position. I just came here because I felt like I had to do something after hearing the news.”

On the 25th, 100 Hottests have been gathered around the JYPE building after hearing the news of the official termination of Jaebeom’s contract. Today, the 26th, fans have started to gather around the premises early in the morning, bringing the count to 70 fans as of now.

One particular fan had brought a chrysanthemum with her and explained, “I prepared this chrysanthemum to symbolize that 2PM fans died along with Jaebeom’s withdrawal.”

Aside from the mobbed JYPE building, netizens have been criticizing certain 2PM members, and as of now, Wooyoung and Taecyeon seem to be the main targets. It was reported earlier that Taecyeon had shut down his minihompy, which may have been a smart choice.

Although there are some positive comments left for the other 2PM members, there seem to be more netizens trying to bring down the 6-member 2PM. One of the comments left by netizens stated, “Ok Taecyeon, are you happy now?” and others demanded both Wooyoung and Taecyeon to step down from their variety shows and MC positions. These two are most likely being attacked by netizens because they are the most active members from 2PM.
Source: ALLKPop

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