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Thursday, February 25, 2010

!JYP announces that Park JaeBum will not be returning to 2PM

Ahead of the conference with fans to be held this weekend, JYP releases a shocking announcement on member Park JaeBum on its official website on 25th February.
JaeBum will not be returning.
Go under the cut for the full translation of the announcement.

Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.
Last September, 2PM’s member Park Jaebum announced his withdraw from the group and returned to Seattle after the shock of his words he wrote on the internet during his trainee time and we will reveal the course of action henceforth.
Though those words from the case that occurred last September did not looked good to everyone, because they were his words during his hard trainee days and written on his personal space the company agreed with Park Jaebum goon’s opinion to take time for self discipline, this does not mean we thought that he would stop all activities in entertainment or forever leave 2pm.
At the time the company could have convinced Park Jaebum goon to stay and promote with as a 7 member 2pm and held back his withdrawal. Though it could be considered that parts of Park Jaebum goon’s words were exaggeratedly mistranslated bye netizens it was definite that those words could have hurt many people, in that situation if we were to enthusiastically embrace Park Jaebum goon and promote with the 7 member 2pm this could have made the image of Park Jaebum goon to the public forever negative and so we agreed with his decision.
When a celebrity makes a mistake that disappoints the public and they do not apologize for their own mistakes or if the company embraces that celebrity, there have been many cases before when this further changed the views of the public in the negative direction and therefore we thought it would be good to show his willing withdrawal from the group to have time for self discipline.
Thankfully enough after Park Jaebum goon’s withdrawal many of the public opinions changed and showed their thoughts to give him another chance.
Since Park Jaebum goon’s case we did not reveal anything during that time because we did not want the public opinion to be swayed by negative influences, but since Park Jaebum goon has returned to Seattle the company started to search for excellent vocal, dance and acrobatic teachers and the company’s producer Park Jinyoung personally visited Seattle last September 19th to consult with these teachers to complete a kind learning program.
All the current commercials, performances, promotions and contracts and of course the contract’s target that 2PM has been involved in have been made not with the current 6 member group but with the terms that the group could return as 7 members after Park Jaebum goon’s return and so we waited for his come back.
During that time last year November, the company proposed for a return for Park Jaebum through the album that was released this year in April, and with Park Jaebum goon’s agreement plans were confirmed that he would return home in the third week of February with a press conference and promotions as a 7 member group would start.
Due to the return of kind public views after his withdrawal, and that Park Jaebum goon’s return to the group would improve all their efforts, and more than anything we could receive the unified support of the fans again the company and all 7 members were expanding their hopes.
But, if this new of a comeback were to be revealed too quickly we were afraid that the kind view of the public would once again turn into negative ones even with the roaring voices of criticism from fans we did not reveal anything about this come back.
But, last December 22nd Park Jaebum goon made a startling call with the company head revealing that he committed a big personal mistake.
It was a mistake that occurred during last summer’s Again and again promotions that was being was realized in afterthought that caused a problem.
Though Park Jaebum goon could not reveal the information because it was a personal problem, this problem is bigger than even the problem that caused him to withdraw last September, and is a problem that could cause an even bigger public problem. Though we want to discuss with the other 6 members, but at the time the boys were so excited about the news of Park Jaebum goon’s comeback and were enthusiastically preparing for the award performances and so we could not tell them this news. Following that they finished their year end promotions and this January 3rd we told them the news, after receiving a big shock, and after contemplation and three days later on January 6th, all 6 members revealed that it would be hard for them to promote as 2PM with Park Jaebum goon.
The company came to a conclusion that Park Jaebum goon was not fit be a celebrity that was affiliated with them and decided to terminate the contact with him.
Though we want to immediately address this to everyone, it was because of Park Jaebum goon’s personal situation that we are revealing this now and we hope for understanding.
As much as 2PM are precious singers, and as much as the many hearts of those that love them, as well as the many public opinions that focused on this case, all the information above is being revealed in it’s truthful entirety with not even a bit of lies.
The reason we are revealing these details through this message is because, if we were to make a safe reason through lies, the mistrust in the fans opinions and thoughts would become large like a snowball.
All of 2PM, and to all the people who were waiting for Park Jaebum goon’s return we are honestly sorry to reveal this regretful news to everyone.
The company will prepare even harder with the 6 members to great you with a better image.
Thank you.


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