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Thursday, February 25, 2010

![NEWS] What do the Kara girls want to steal?

 People in their late 10's and early 20's start to want a lot of things. It is the same for the members of girl group KARA who are all within this age range. Although they have already stolen the hearts of fans - from those who call them 'Nuna' to fans old enough to be their uncles, we asked them what they wanted to steal.

Han Seungyeon and Goo Hara - Driver's License.
Getting a driver's license is one of the musts upon reaching the age of majority. Han Seungyeon related 'Although I want to receive lessons and get exams, its hard because of the tight schedules we have as a group.' While Goo Hara said 'I'm more worried about being able to change lanes properly if ever I am able to get my license.'
Nicole - Personal Practice Room
Among the KARA members, Nicole has the biggest wish. She said "I want my own personal practice room". It looks like she really spent a lot of time thinking about it because she explained how it should look like - one wall would be covered with mirrors, and at least 4 big speakers. Also, there must be a water purifier in the practice room. Lastly she added "There must also be a big sofa so that I can sit there for a while and think about different things."

Gyuri - Keyboards
Just like a true leader, Gyuri's wish was exemplary. Like a true singer, she said "I want a musical instrument, like keyboards". She added "I always wanted one, but our dorm is so small. But since we'll be moving soon, I'm thinking of getting one in my room."

Jiyoung - Vacation
Maknae Jiyoung, who is currently in middle school told us, looking like she wanted to cry, "Its almost school season". She said "Our group activities always seems to coincide with going back to school season. But since I already experienced this last year, I think I'll be able to handle it better this time. With new song Lupin, its new school season this February. And so, she chose vacation as the thing she wanted the most.

tip-off: anne@KARAholic
translated by: coffeebeanie@KARAholic.

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