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Sunday, February 28, 2010

! Translated Question&A at 2PM-fans conference on 27th February

With many curious about the content to the conference between 2PM 6 members and the fans which took place on 27th February, a list of answers and questions by 2PM fan union was released after the conference.
1. Despite Underground having corrected our document of questions and resubmitted them, why have you opened this conference without answering them?
Jung Wook: Park Jaebum has requested for us to reveal his withdrawal at the end of February and so we couldn’t answer the questions. We are opening this conference in order for the members to have an honest talk with the fans.
2. What the fans wanted as communication with JYPE. Why are the members present at today’s conference?
Jung Wook: In order for the members to express their honest thoughts. If only I had come to the conference, the fans wouldn’t believe the members.
3. JYPE announced that the members agreed to Park Jaebum’s withdrawal on the 6th of January. Are there any refutes against this statement?
Members: We all agree to the statement.
4. We would like an honest response as to why the members continued to speak of Jaebum’s name in broadcasts and their interviews even after the decision was apparently made on the 6th of January.
Members: Despite his withdrawal, he is still a good hyung to us. I don’t think it’s a problem to be honest in saying that we miss him. And from now on, if we miss him, we will say so. We don’t think it will be a problem.
5. After the termination of the contract with Park Jaebum, what are you required to do by law?
There is nothing left.
6. Until when is the income distribution active?
There is no fee for the termination of his contract. Income earned up to December completed its distribution in January.
7. Please explain what the company is doing to handle the mental and physical stress that has been placed upon the members and their families with the various rumors that are circulating.
Jung Wook: JYPE is not responsible for the personal and social lives of the celebrities within our agency. We believe that Park Jaebum must take full responsbility for his actions. The rest of the members are victims to this case, while Park Jaebum is the attacker.
8. It is not hard to ask for articles to be taken down and for hateful replies to be deleted. Why didn’t the company take a stance on this issue?
Jung Wook: Honestly speaking, we have never had to delete articles or replies before this issue. However, after the issue broke out, our company has tried our best.
9. Despite revealing that decisions have been made on the 6th of January, the company has been using Park Jaebum’s name for marketing. Please reveal your reason.
Jung Wook: It is impossible for JYPE to control the media and the press. It is true that the decision was made on the 6th of January but we had already come to an agreement to release the information late February.
10. On the official notification, you described the reason as ‘a severe personal mistake.’ Will you be taking responsibility for specifically using the words ’severe’ and ‘mistake?’
Jung Wook: I will reply with three reasons.
1. After this ‘mistake’ occurred, we didn’t want the remaining members to turn into betrayers. The 6 members are just as important as the one.
2. The notification was to all of Korea. We could not lie.
3. The 6 members are the victims and if we did not speak of the truth and reveal it as a severe mistake, people will get the wrong idea.
11. Does Park Jaebum know about the conference with fans? Does he know that the reason for his withdrawal is ‘due to a severe personal mistake?’
Khun: I have texted Park Jaebum recently. He knows that we are holding this conference. He wanted to give us a video recording.
Jung Wook: He knows of the notification, too.
12. In the future, will 2PM be adding a new member or deciding another leader?
Jung Wook + Members: There are no plans.

13. Is there really no chance for Park Jaebum’s return? And if he returns through a different company, what is your opinion on the matter?

Jung Wook + Members: There is no possibility for him to return through 2PM.
Chansung: If Jaebum wishes to take responsbility for all of this and comes back as a celebrity, we will encourage him. However, I think a return through 2PM is out of the question.

14. Couldn’t the company have covered for the severe personal mistake? And, if the members did not agree to Jaebum’s withdrawal, don’t you think the issue wouldn’t have gotten this far?

Members: It’s not something we can just cover.
Jung Wook: We were put in a situation where the only thing we could do was agree. That is why we agreed. If we hadn’t, I believe that the results would be the same.
15. If the controversy last September never happened, would your decision still stand the same?
Everyone: Yes
16. Do you personally control the cyworlds of the members? There are posts that went up after the 8th that have created much controversy amongst the fans. Are they all your posts?
Wooyoung: Yes, I was truly frustrated which is why I wrote it.
Chansung: Yes. I was truly in a state of confusion which is why I wrote it like so. But it has nothing to do with the issue.
Jung Wook: We believe that a celebrity must be responsible for his own personal and social life. We do not control them.
17. What do the members think of the boycott?
Junho: We didn’t care because we knew that Jaebum would return and knew that it would all be solved with his return. But honestly speaking, I would be lying if I said wasn’t hurt. If, after today, the boycott continues, then I will think of it as the fans hating us. We will show that we will be trying our best through our songs and performances.
18. If the severe mistake is revealed to be false, do you realize that you will be charged for libel?
Jung Wook: We only wrote of the truth.
19. Will Park Jaebum be able to receive the income for his 1st and 2nd singles?
Jung Wook: He will have to discuss that and reach an agreement with copyright officials. It has nothing to do with JYPE.
20. Will you continue to use the name ‘Hottests’ for 2PM’s fanclub?
Jung Wook: Yes. Are you saying that the members are not 2PM? No. The 6 members are 2PM, therefore, we will continue to use Hottests.
21. The members were revealed to be on vacation when the specifed date of January 6th was revealed.
Wooyoung: It was our first vacation.
Taecyeon: We are celebrities. We cannot cringe at the people we meet.
Chansung: We cannot meet our families during the holidays with dark faces. What do you want? Do you want us to make a fool of ourselves asking for Jaebum to come back on live broadcasts?
22. Do you know the rumors circulating on the internet? Will you protect him?
Wooyoung: We are not throwing him away but protecting him. We knew that we would regret it if it was later revealed.
Chansung: Please don’t be skeptical of our friendship.
Junho: After finding out on January 3rd, I honestly hated Jaebum. We had always tried our best for his return. However, we believe that silence will protect him.
Taecyeon: I believe that rumors will always disappear after time.
23. Why is there no fee for the termination of his contract?
The other members have a lot of CF, etc contracts but there are none for Jaebum. That is why there are no fees.

24. Please reveal Park Jaebum’s exact contract terms.

Jung Wook: His contract was set for 7 years. We offered 10, then offered 8, and then again for 7 years.
25. Park Jinyoung stated on Golden Fishery that Park Jaebum’s return will definitely be through 2PM. What is the company doing now to hold true to that statement?
Jung Wook: Up until December 22nd, when he called us, he was still a precious member with the chance of a return.
26. What are you doing to support Jaebum in America? Park Jinyoung specifically stated that he is receiving support and training from JYPE.
Jung Wook: We had trainers reach him in Seattle at the end of September. We had always tried our best for his return.
27. JYPE has used Park Jaebum’s name to promote and market 2PM’s 6 membered album. Was this in order to hold the fanbase down or was it really part of a plan to have Park Jaebum return?
Jung Wook: In my heart, he was a precious member from the minute he left Korea to the day he called me on the 22nd of December. However, after the 22nd, things have changed.
28. JYP Entertainment previously revealed that the first official album will have the income distributed evenly amongst the members, including leader Park Jaebum. However, there are many opinions that go against this statement. Please correctly specify the income distribution terms.
Jung Wook: The income earned through December of last year was distributed and finalized in January.
The 2PM Fan Union agrees that everything stated above is the truth and not a lie.
- 2PM Fan Union
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