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Friday, February 26, 2010

![Transcript/Video] Henry and Donghae’s Birthday Party Transcript


(starting at 0:38)
SW: That was suprising!
RW: I can’t do it!
DH: Just try it and see!
DH: Eh, why did it go out?!
Everyone: Congratulations!
DH: *in Japanese* Purezento~ (present)
SW: To Henry and Donghae… arigatou, omedetou (thank you, congratulations)
HR: Arigatou gozaimasu~ (thank you very much)
DH: But because I’m the older brother, there should be a difference, right?
SW: Open it and see, please.
DH: Your thoughtfulness has made us very happy. From here, we’ll continue with all of our effort to do our best! Thank you.
HR: Um, I’m really thankful… *switches to English*
HR + DH: Arigatou gozaimasu~ (Thank you very much~)
RW: I’m going to give a present~… Where did he go? Donghae, present~
SW: Zhou Mi~ Kirei desu ne~ (Pretty/nice, huh?)
ZM: Pretty. Handsome~
SW: Sugoi yo~ (Awesome~)
RW: On the third album, there is a song of my composition. “Love U More.”
DH: (gibberish, lol. I heard the word ‘kirei’ which means pretty, but that’s about all I could pick out.)
RW: Please listen to it many times. I wrote the lyrics… And I made the melody, the arrangement, it was me who was in charge.
DH: (still speaking fake!Japanese )
RW: I don’t know if you’ll get the feeling, but…
DH: I don’t know.
RW: Please support it.
DH: Hontou ni aishiteru~ (I really love you~)
KH: How was the DVD?
DH: Even with our Chinese activities, we were allowed to record this. Please love it a lot~
HG: Let’s meet in Japan. We are Super Junior-M!
Source: eunteukseasoon1@youtube
Translated by: onewhomust@sj-world
Do NOT take out without FULL credits and do NOT add in your own credits.

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