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Friday, February 26, 2010

!BEAST ‘Shock Of The New Era’ teaser video to be revealed on 27th February

The countdown to group BEASt’s comeback begins!
On 25th February, a preview to the strong image and teaser video, with the message ‘BEAST-SHOCK’ was posted on BEAST’s official fancafe. Coming 27th February, the teaser video to their comeback will be released. Even though the concept and teaser videos have not been revealed yet, the responses from fans for the group’s comeback is overwhelming.
There are already a flood of replies posted up on BEAST’s fancafe by fans who are anticipating BEAST’s album ’Shock Of The New Era’ which will be released early March.

Also a recent article:
The path of the next-generation rookie idol BEAST, who is receiving much attention, is extraordinary.
In the beginning of March, BEAST is preparing their comeback, and through an online album sale for their 2nd mini album, an advanced sale (pre-ordering) began. As much as they were the attention-grabbing BEAST who were the ‘promising sprouts’ of a popular song, as the advanced sales were started and fan’s rushed orders, a new album success was noticed.
BEAST already sold 40,000 copies of their 1st album, surprising many music officials. Among the idol groups, it is rare to sell approximately 40,000-50,000 debut albums. Therefore, in the world of singers, BEAST’s expectations are no doubt to be profitable. Furthermore, the inclined interest of the new album will jump expectations, and it is expected that it will easily break the album sales of their 1st album.
Regardless of their busy personal schedules, they prepared a top-secret steady comeback. And after shooting the music video of their title song, their agency hinted with confidence, “You will see a different BEAST than before.” Although they are latecomers, it is planned that they will certainly grow through this album.
One music official said, “BEAST possesses an expected sale jump, and through their sitcom, and artistic accomplishments, their public guidance (popularity) has increasingly rose,” and “Because their fundamental talents jump and their practice periods are long, their abilities are strong. Especially, it is an advantage that their ‘talents’ and ’senses’ are BEAST’s only. Through their new album, there is a big possibility that they will jump to the next level.”
The new genre prepared by BEAST is ‘Rocktronic.’ With a powerful sound and BEAST’s added color to ‘Shock of the New Era,’ they sped up the overall completion [of the album]. Their title song ‘Shock’ is being reviewed as serving a powerful voice while having a strong sound with an abundance of melting sensibility.
Also, the pictorial pictures (that are showing the BEAST member’s individual charms) are giving as much content as the fan’s like and is raising anticipation.
CREDITS: NEWSEN (SOURCE); kiwiannabear@B2ST Rising (TRANS)

Credit to: Kbites

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