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Sunday, February 28, 2010

!TaecYeon and WooYoung on SBS Inkigayo, fans: “fake smiles” vs “do you expect them to put up a sour face”

Amidst the loud cries of unhappiness from fans with member leader JaeBum’s permanent succession from the team and also termination of contract with JYP Entertainment, 2PM WooYoung and TaecYeon appeared as MCs for SBS Inkigayo as usual.
They had appeared as the hosts on SBS Inkigayo aired on 28th February as usual. There has been requests from fans for the group to put their shows and TV programs on hold amidst such this case, but it seems that their show appearances will continue as usual.
What was even eye catching were the joking and bright features of the 2 members on the show, they were seen commented on Super Junior Kim HeeChul, “Has he become prettier?”.

Fans who were watching the show commented on the show’s discussion board, “I’m disappointed to see that they are able to go on shows and smile again right after JaeBum’s permanent succession when all this while, they seemed like they were having a hard time as a group”, “I’m shocked that they were faking their smiles”, “I’m speechless” etc.
However there were also fans who commented, “Do you expect them to put up a sour face as entertainers appearing on the show?’, “I’m really puzzled by the other 2PM members get all the criticisms to. This is too much?” etc.
Meanwhile, JYP Entertainment released an announcement on 25th February announcing JaeBum’s permanent succession from the team and also contract termination with the company. And on 27th February, the remaining 6 members of 2PM also had a conference with fans.
S: mydaily

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