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Thursday, February 25, 2010

!Yoo Seung Jun talks about Jaebeom

Yoo Seung Jun (Steve Yoo) recently filmed a movie for a Jackie Chan movie titled “Little Big Soldier (aka Junior Soldiers)”, he spent some time off from his busy schedule in Hong Kong for a brief sit down interview.
Not many of you may be familiar with this man and only know him through our articles so here’s just a memory refresher: Yoo Seung Jun grew up in Los Angeles as a teenager and came to Korea in his late teens to become a singer. He was one of the top K-Pop singers in the 90’s and hit his peak in the late 90s with hits like Passion, Scissors, NaNaNa, I Will Be Back and more.

Things were going good until he hit the mandatory military controversy. Yoo Seung Jun was exiled from Korea when he acquired an American citizenship to avoid doing his mandatory military service. Previous to getting his American Citizenship, Yoo Seung Jun stated many times that he would fulfill his obligation and duty to serve as a Korean male in the military. There was much backlash after this and he was kicked out of the country as this move was seen as a betrayal and he was viewed as unpatriotic. There’s been much controversy about whether he was in the right or wrong and if he even deserved the punishment he got. Recently, people have been comparing this controversy to 2PM’s Jaebeom, but in the latter scenario he left on his own whim instead of being forced out.
Yoo Seung Jun got emotional when he talked about his deportation. He stated that he never really had time to properly explain himself. He hopes that one day Korea can forgive him but for the time being he isn’t expecting forgiveness.
Yoo Seung Jun also shared his thoughts on the Jaebeom situation stating, “My heart goes out to him. I wondered how he could continue on after such an incident. As a young man he made a mistake but if people make mistakes, if given the opportunity of a second chance, don’t you think he could grow and blossom into something much larger?”
If anyone knows how Jaebeom feels, it should be this guy. Hopefully it’s a better outcome for Jaebeom though, Yoo Seung Jun is a touchy subject but I wish him the best of luck and hopefully things will work out for him.


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