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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

!Taecyeon’s huge transformation: 100 kilos tubby guy in ‘Cinderella Sister’

Recently, Beasty idol 2PM Taecyeon’s decision to star in the drama, ‘Cinderella Sister’, has garnered interest from the general public. Teacyeon cast as “Han Jungwoo”, a smart and straight- forwarded man with strong personality, who found himself head over heels in love in “Eunjo.” (Starring Moon Geunyoung who is famous for her movies, ‘My little bride’ and ‘Innocent step.’) Nevertheless, more interesting fact is Han Jungwoo, a role taken by Taecyeon, was 100 kg. tumbler-like kid while he was studied in high school.

As we have known that the image of sexy beasty idol is a craze among people now. However, in this drama, we are going to witness another side of 2PM Taecyeon which is completely different from one on stages.

A person related to filming this drama said “Han Jungwoo seems to be tough person on the outside, but he is craving for love on the inside for his mother left him since he was young. Therefore, He has had take care of himself all along that he was even in a fight for foods. One day, he met Eunjo and fell in love with her so he determined to be a cool guy to win her heart. He struggled to lose his weight to transform himself into a handsome guy…We think the charm that Taecyeon has got suits this character.”
The first episode of Cinderella Sister will be aired on this March 31.

Source: News.Chosun
Translations: Kor-Thai by Wawa @2pmalways / Thai-Eng by Kagetsu Crackerbaby K. @2pmalways.com

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