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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

! [Fancafe] Ryeowook's fancafe message

10.02.23 14:38

-Title :- First entry in the new year ^^
Hello~^^ (this is) a very late greeting for the new year ~~!
Our ELF how have you been ?^^
Recently Ryeowookie has been being very busy with recording and preparing for the 4th album ^^
(Super show 2 which) got a lot of love has come to Taiwan~ Super show 2 will be continued for a while~~!!

Also thank you to the oversea ELF ~~!!

Yesterday I had a dinner with my parents in Incheon and while I was talking to them I was upset and cried unknowingly~

I felt I'm such a burden so I said sorry to my parents...anyway I have become an adult now...I had thought like that
Too much emotions have crossed my mind so that I cut off my talking with my parents in the middle and went to my room...
Saying sorry a lot to my parents is still not enough...I had thought like that~~
In fact until the debut's early days I still behaved like a spoiled child I said I'm hurt if I felt hurt I was the only son like that..

but since when I began to keep everything myself...and it piled up piled up and it exploded yestersay^^;

I'm still a little upset but I feel better now...althought I has been comforted when people seeing me crying or upset...but my parents' way is still the best~

Although Ryeowookie has been a childish son for this 5 years...because of my parents I will try my best to become a greater/better so~ really...

I hope our ELF will be filial sons and daughters to your parents~^^ We should live as filial children to our parents~!!!^^

I have to go recording now~~ ㅋ

Happy New Year~~~ !!! I love all of all of you~~~!!!!!!!

PS. 4rd album great success !!

source : Ryeowook fancafe
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net
Please do not take out without full credits

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