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Sunday, February 28, 2010

![News][2010.02.27] SS501 who is going to end their Asia Tour: We can enjoy the concert already

5 men team idol group SS501’s Asia Tour Concert ‘Persona’ long expedition which started since last year August is coming to a perfect end.

On 27th & 28th February, SS501 hold their Asia Tour Concert Encore Concert in Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium and bring their Asia Tour Concert performance to a perfect end. Starting from Korea, following by touring Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand and other Asia Countries with their performance, gaining support from few 10s of thousands of fans. On 27th February, before the start of their concert, SS501 held their press conference, giving their thoughts of the Asia Tour. Member Heo Young Saeng said: “At the beginning would trembled and panic. However, for now, has already getting more skillful and familiar, able to enjoy the concert. This would not be a full stop, we have thought of continue to hold our Asia Tour Concert in future, sharing with more fans.”

Here’s the question and answer.
- Talk about your thoughts regarding the achievement received from the Asia Tour Concert
“Through many interactions and breathing the same breath with uncountable fans, we can feel the stage and audience more realistically. It have also allow us to have room for maturity in terms of songs, dance and stage. I think we have improved in all areas in our performances during these 6 months. Now, SS501 who is in our mid 20s will have the ability to show a stage which fits our age.” (Kim Hyun Joong)
What have you obtain from the Asia Tour Concert?
“Able to compensate many points which we are lacking. Especially in the process of the concert, each member has prepared their own solo dance, able to show a completely new look to our fans. This has also became a chance to allow each member to show their own speciality/strong point, we have also grown up a lot.” (Park Jung Min)
If there anything which you feel regret?
“Starting from last fall, going through winter and now towards the spring. I felt that it is a pity to stop like this. However I don’t think that this is the ending. If this is the first Asia Tour, then there will be plans for the 2nd and 3rd.” (Kim Hyun Joong)
When do you plan to schedule a concert again to meet with your fans?
“As long as there’s a place with fan, even for now, no matter where we would want to go to them. However, first we need to plan for the production of the new album. If the production of the new album is completed, we will be able present good music via the concert to meet with everybody.” (Kim Hyung Jun)
When is the new album expected to release?
“(Name after the team) We plan to release in ‘501 day’. Although the plan is to released the album on 1 May, however it is not decided whether it is the 2nd album or mini album.” (Kim Hyun Joong)
Have you heard of the recent idol group ranking in the popular website
“I saw in our team, Park Jung Min is actually rank first.” (Kim Hyung Jun)
“Although many has think so, but in actual fact it is not true. I am just a supporting role beside the leader. Rather than saying that a particular person in SS501 is a leader, might as well say that we complement each other and supporting each other. However, my skin is really ranked 1st. Even the makeup artist has acknowledged it.” (Park Jung Min)
“Jung Min’s skin is really good. His skin would not turn worst as he aged, I am really envy.” (Kim Hyung Jun)

Credit: isplus.joins.com
Chinese Translation:vivid@hyunjoongchina.com
English Translation: SS501UFO.blogspot.com

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