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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

![News] SHINee Onew is Trying ‘The Brothers Were Brave’ Musical

From April 1st to June 20th, Onew got casted as Jubong at the ‘The Brothers were Brave’ musical which takes place at the Coex theaters.
‘The Brothers were Brave’ is the hit musical for its solid plot and configuration that had its first performance in 2008. The musical goes like this: The poor Suk Bong and Ju Bong brothers came down to their home town at An Dong to find their deceased father’s inheritance, and while they are looking for the fortune, the brothers come to understand and forgive each other. Onew’s character Ju Bong is the second son who is know to be discriminated, short tempered Seoul university graduate.

Onew’s challenge for the musical is his first and especially with the kissing scene in the musical is attracting many attention.
The publisher said to T-new, “This is Onew’s first musical performance. But Jessica also had her first musical called, ‘Legally Blond’ and she could not pull it off well. Because these day’s idol not only have talents for singing and dancing, they show hard effort; I believe also that Onew will do a good job so I an not worrying about this.”
Onew’s representative of SM entertainment said to T-News, “Onew started his singing, dancing, and acting practices for ‘The Brothers were Brave’. To show good results, we’ll try our best…”
Onew is currently in a group called SHINee and is famous for his singing and dancing talents, so his musical debut has been the focus attention.
source: sports.chosun.com (find: shakizi)
translation: Tiger Girl @ weareshining.com
credit: weareshining.com (WRS)

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