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Thursday, February 25, 2010

![News] SJ Fans Angry, Tickets Deemed as Void If the Buyer Did Not Come in Person

Super Junior’s current trip to Taiwan has indeed created huge sensation. A ticket at the Rock Pitt can be selling at TW$4000 (max), but there are fans that complained to TVBS that the organizer had set their own ticketing-sales rule. This leads to many disputes. First, the fans had to give the organiser their identity card number when buying the tickets, the organiser even declared that on the day of the concert itself, unless the buyer comes in person, the ticket will be deemed to be void. Furthermore, tickets cannot be refunded 15 days before the concert. The Consumer Protection Officer states that it is against the law for them to do so and the maximum fine is up to TW$1,500,000. However, the organiser said that not only there are many scalpers, fraud syndicate are also eyeing at the market. This is a necessary measure to protect the fans’ rights and interests and they had no choice.
Fans holding on the the tickets, one after another, they had to sit down at the side pavement outside Taiwan Dome/Arena obediently. There are even plastic ropes tied at the region to isolate them, attracting attention. These fans are in fact the ones that spent the most, with a ticket at TW$4000 each. Reporter: “What is your number?” SJ Fans “611″ “612″ “613″*
Sitting in a row according to their queue number, a fan that frequent concert often complained that initially when purchasing tickets in the Rock Pitt online, identity card number has to be entered, unless the buyer comes in person, he/she will be denied entry.
Organizer states clearly in the web that they will check the identity of the fans and the tickets of fans who are not in compliance will be invalid. Fans with last-minute engagement who want to re-sell off their tickets were warned online to be careful not to get their tickets nullify. Sj Fans “I said that we really aren’t (scalping), why does you all (the staffs) think that way? He (the staff) says the online one and mine were very similiar” Reporter “Your running number and the one on the scalp-ticket are similiar” SJ Fans “Yes”
Being seen as scalper, and according to the Consumer Protection rule, there will not be any deduction if the ticket is refund 7 days before the concert, which means that the full amount of $4000 can be get back if the ticket is being refund 14 days before. But the organiser had their own set of rule stating that there will be no refund 15 days before, there will be a 30% procedure fee deduction 15-30 days before and even deduction if the ticket is refunded a month before. The Consumer Protection Board says that this is against the law and the maximum fine the organiser will be liable for is TW$1,500,000.
The Consumer Protection Officer from Administration Department Qiu Hui-Mei says “Unless he has a way to prove it (scalping), he definately has the rights to chase me out. The issue is that whether or not this is scalped-ticket, I did spend money buying the ticket, right? Then how can he say that? Chasing me out just because my name and the name on the ticket is different.”
There are also fans who complained against the Consumer Protection Officer. The official documents are already posted on the website. The North City Government (?) told the consumers that they are able to file a suit in the court, there is fear that it may involved legal issues now. Now it depends on whether the fans and consumer protection officer want to pursue the matter further. Super Dome (?) explained that there are not only Scalpers involved this time round, there are also Fraud Syndicate. Hence they have no choice but to tighten up the measures. However, this has led to fans who splurge on the tickets feeling wronged and hurt during the process.
* i think this is to show that they are indeed sitting in queue series

original article: TVBS新闻网 | shared in Super Junior Palace
translation: sally2808 @ TwELFs.com

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