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Sunday, February 28, 2010

![TRANS] Yunho's dad message to YoonhoThailand

Dear Yoonhothailand

I recieved your email with pleasure.

I was very impressed and happy by your members doing charity and volunteering in YoonhooThaliland Hompage for his birthday.
You guys always support YoonHo with love and faith and I am thankful for it.
A couple of days ago was Yoonho's birthday, and I am going to send a message about the amazing works of precious fans of him.

"Last January 31st, even though Yoonho and my family did not participate,
we felt so grateful becasue not only korean fans of 200 met on the auditorium of Kwang Woon University
for celebration of his birth day, but also many fans from Japan, China, Tailand, and Asia,
met on the same time of the same day to have a meaningful event."

"Especially, in the 2/6/10, fans gave very meaningful birthday gift for him which is not expensive gifts for
him but charity for struggling teenagers and neighbors in poverty-moreover especially from precious fans of him."

"Yoonho really appreciates this and wants this to keep happening so Yoonho fans have been doing these
volunteering works and charities, which results in $35000,0000 of charity -only considering 2010, from all over
the world, and Yoonho and my family were greatly moved and happy."

Especially, another $45000000 from Korean homepage:WISH, his soccer drama gallary, Yoonho star, Yuji-kyung sung, and other
foreign homepages: China YoonHo bang, Yoonho family, Eyes on U, Japanese fan blog, Yoonhothaliland were collected by their
participation.(on top of these, some were done anonymously and by individuals.)

The charity money went to Haiti Earthquake volunteer, Korean underpriviledged organization, and others in China and Thailand.

Everyear, We are amazed by your works and are deeply happy.
Thank you for all the fans that gave the best gift for Yoonhoo, this year again."

Take care


please send a message for Yoonhotahliand members that we love you!

Credits: onetvxq.com
Source: Yoonhothailand
Shared by: DBSKnights

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