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Thursday, February 25, 2010

![News] KARA: Shht! We're moving to a 4-bedroom dorm!

We'll soon be moving into a 4-bedroom dorm!

The TV in the living room was small and old fashioned. 5 members and only 2 rooms were obviously not enough, and through variety programs, fans got acquainted with girl group KARA's dorm.

Although fans described it as 'simple', others admitted that the dorm looked 'pitiful'. This, in addition to the member working hard in every show they went on earned them the unique nickname of 'economic idols'.

We were curious. Last year, they had not only one, but three hits - Pretty Girl, Honey and Mister. They were considered as one of the top girl groups, capable of a triple hit.. So we borrowed one of the popular lines from Gag Concert and asked "How's your household life?"

The girls burst into peals of laughter. They said they were still living in their old dorm, with two rooms and an old TV set. But they revealed that they will be moving soon. Leader Park Gyuri explained 'The lease contract with our old dorm already expired." From two rooms, the girls will be having 4 rooms. 3 members will have their own room, while 2 will be sharing. From 'Economic Idols', they can now be called as 'Life-style Idols', the girls are thinking and planning about furniture and appliances that they will be using.

"There are a lot of things that can still be used, why change it? But we have to think about our refrigerator.. Oh, and we all agreed to buy a running machine. It looks like the members will be assigning the order of who will get to use it. Haha!"

But how about the old TV set that brought them the nickname of 'Economic Idols'? They say that it still works well.

Q: What changed about KARA?
It was already one year ago when the 5 members sang "Honey~ Honey~" with that longing looks on their faces. With Lupin, they became thieves and changed their image completely that even their fans were surprised. They say that they became more 'cunning'.

"Now, definitely, you won't feel that we were the same cute group we were before - our dance, our expressions.. At first it was awkward for us, but we became more comfortable with it through time. There is more 'acting' involved this time."

There is also a huge difference in their styles, from their Pretty Girl days. Unlike their bright and shiny days, their style now is more neat and clean, a little more mature than before. Kang Jiyoung said "Our exposure became more elegant", which caused the other members to burst out laughing. What is elegant exposure exactly? They said that we will find out when we watch their performance on stage.

Q: After the 'Butt Dance', its the 'Emergency Exit Dance'?
Nowadays, when we talk about girl groups, not only are their hit songs, but also hit dance moves. KARA is no exception. They shook up everyone's hearts last year with Mister's Butt Dance.

When asked about their latest dance step, Goo Hara pointed to a sign and said "There it is!". The sign was for the emergency exit, as their new dance step was named by netizens as the 'Emergency Exit Dance'. Giving a girl group a dance name called 'Emergency Exit Dance', KARA fans came up with this unique name.

Compared to their previous songs, the choreography for Lupin is more complicated. However, KARA members are now 'athletes' in dancing, and so they have no problem with that. But they all said "This is because of the hardships in practices before, that we are able to do well now."

Member Nicole shares "Whenever I hear our debut song Break It, I can almost hear our choreographer shout "Get in line!" "Your hands!" like that. Haha!"

But now they wont have to hallucinate about hearing things like that right? Nicole, shook her head and said "Nowadays, I keep on hearing "Turn!". Turning while wearing killer heels is not an easy thing"

Q: What is KARA's Sexy face angle?
With the release of KARA's Lupin, many noticed that the group became sexier. It is no doubt that they have matured and become more womanly.

KARA's leader Park Gyuri said sweetly, "Instead of perceiving us as just sexy, I hope they see us as a more mature KARA."

When asked about what is sexy, each member gave a different answer. Kang Jiyoung said its "S-Line", Goo Hara said "Tight clothes and the color black" while Nicole said "Hand movements and the face angel." What does this mean?

"When doing sel-ca's, there's a thing called 'Ulzzang angle' right? There's also a face angle that will make you look sexy."

Credit: Karaholic ; tip-off: anne@KARAholic
Translation: coffeebeanie@KARAholic

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