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Friday, April 9, 2010

![NEWS] MBLAQ GO’s shocking confession “Once stole Mom’s gold ring”

MBLAQ’s GO revealed that he once stole his mother’s gold ring.
GO recently participated in a recent recording of SBS Shin Dong Yup’s 300. This shocked the mothers and daughters-in-law in the show.
GO said, “When I was little, I searched all over the house for something. There was once I didn’t tell my mother that I took her gold ring and sneaked out. I was very scared.”
MBLAQ also revealed on the show that they are fans of KBS’s Love and War. There were a lot of things they were curious about and they had a lot to say. Participating in this mother-daughter-in-law special sparked interest.

On the other hand, MC Shin Dong Yup asked Lee Joon, “Next time after you get married, who would you side when a problem happens between your mother and your wife?”. He answered, “My mother and I are like good friends, so I will listen to my mother”. However, he changed his mind after hearing that his initial decision could make things worse, “I will listen to my wife then”.
This programme is scheduled to broadcast on 11 April, 11.55am.
Source: Newsen
Chinese translation: 肥猫 @ MBLAQ China
English translation: bibimbap @ absolutemblaq

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