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Friday, April 9, 2010

!Art of Movement, JohnnyPhlo, Decipher, Ailee & Clara Chung rock Project Korea III

The night started off with a culture play put on by a group of hardworking Rutgers students.  Their weeks of preparation and hard work paid off, because the show was a huge success.  The students were not only able to combine aspects of royal Korea and modern-day Korea, but also provide historical and cultural understanding of traditional Korea through both talent and humor.  The two princes even had quite a few female fans in the crowd.
The play centered around hit drama Goong but also included various scenes from Iris and other popular Korean shows. The impressive acting, along with the awesome dances that were creatively incorporated into the play, such as Taeyang’s Wedding Dress, T-ara’s Bo Peep Bo Peep, the Brown Eyed GirlsSign, Baek Ji Young’s My Ear’s Candy, 2PM’s Heartbeat, Seeya / Davichi / T-ara’s Wonder Woman, SNSD’s Genie, and for the prince showdown, U-KissMan Man Ha Ni & Bingeul Bingeul, made the show an instant hit with the audience.

We recently released a teaser from this SOLD OUT Rutgers KSA – allkpop event. Now we have for you photographs from this fun-filled night and HD videos in full, of the hottest performances of the night.
The voice of an angel started off the opening performances. Clara Chung, the winner of Kollaboration 2010, took the stage and performed her original cover/mash-up of, Use Somebody + Fallin’ For You and her original song, Off-Beat, while playing various instruments. She even played the melodica later in her performance!
Following Clara’s beautiful performance was Danny Chung, better known as Decipher, who came out looking fresh then delivered his latest track that was perfect for a Project Korea event, Hyundai Daewoo Kia, his own version of Lloyd Bank’s Beamer, Benz or Bentley. He also performed Where You From and I Wanna Be (ft Andrew Choi).
Rutgers KSA’s own JohnnyPhlo was next in line with Too Late, Keep your Head up to the Sky and lastly, Rollercoaster featuring Ailee, which was definitely a crowd-favorite.
To end the opening performances with a bang, Clara Chung, Decipher, JohnnyPhlo and Ailee returned to the stage for a joint performance of Wonder Girls’ Nobody “Project Korea remix.”
And last but most definitely not the least, the grand performance – Art of Movement! The fantastic four: Cha-Cha, DialTone, Junior, and of course, our man Jay Park, rocked the house with their performance. Four lucky fans from the audience were chosen to challenge each member by partaking in a handstand contest with Junior, a staring contest with DialTone, a rock-paper-scissors contest with Cha-Cha, and a Single Ladies dance contest with Jay Park! After the contests, Art of Movement got down to business and delivered a performance that made the wait worthwhile.

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